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The quality of the clays listed here vary from inexpensive school-grade to the finer quality clays used by professional  doll artists.  Before buying, do your research, read reviews and other information to help take the mystery out of   "...which brand should I buy?"   It may take a bit of experimenting to find the brand of clay that suits you and your sculpting needs the best.  The brand you choose depends a lot on what you want to make with it.    Hopefully this list will give you a place to start.

There's hundreds of different air-dry clays and it's not possible to list ...or sample ... every single brand here.  I'm  sure there's some I've missed.  We've compiled descriptions of the most popular and will be adding more information as we go along and as new products come out.   Please leave a comment if there's a particular brand you're wondering about and it's not listed here.  Also, you're welcome to share your own opinion of a particular product in the comments.

Much of the information provided here regarding durability and other characteristics of the various modeling materials are typically based on manufacturer's description.  Please see Note** at bottom of list.

For your convenience, where possible, the brandname is linked to an online store selling that product.   I have not done any price comparisons, price depends a lot on your own location.  Most products listed here are available in USA or are easily imported.  A few are unique to Europe and Australia.  I'm still researching sources for commercial brands of cold porcelain imported from South America.

Activa PlusActiva Plus Self Hardening Clay
Plus clay is a premium quality natural self-hardening clay. It's exceptional plasticity and ultra fine grade allows for excellent detail and versatility. Manufacturer says it air cures to superior strength and durability (will not crumble) with minimal shrinkage. Can be carved, sanded and drilled when dry and accepts virtually any finish. If desired, Plus clay can be kiln dried.

Apoxie SculptApoxie Sculpt
Unlike most of the clays listed on this page, Apoxie Sculpt is not an air dry is a no-bake, 2-part epoxy modeling compound (parts A & B must be mixed thoroughly). Apoxie Sculpt is a self-hardening synthetic clay that combines the features and benefits of clay with those of epoxies. It has a putty like feel, an open working time of about 2-3 hours and cures hard overnight. Non-flammable, non-hazardous. No solvents or fumes. Available in 10 colors including black, white and super white.

Artista Artista
Available in Europe, similar to Angel Clay. Also said to be similar to Hearty Clay. It has a very light weight and can be used directly from the package. Soft, not very good for fine details, good for florals and simple figures, stays flexible and has velvety finish when dry. This clay is not very suitable to model dolls. After it has dried, the clay remains a little flexible. It becomes paper-dry, but as hard as stone. When dried, Artista is almost unbreakable, but you can tear a dry rose petal of Artista. There is enough moisture in Artista to stick flower petals to each other. This means that it is not necessary to use water. There will be no mess and your hands will always be clean when modelling.

Formo Artista Formo
Artista Formo is a stone clay similar to La Doll. Artista Formo is an entry level clay with a reasonable price. It is made from natural stone. Compared to La Doll, it is a coarser material. It is good for sculpture, handwork, and dolls. There are three colors available: white, brown, and green. Can be blended with any stone clays. Do not mix with oil clay or resin clay.
Artista Soft
Artista Soft 
Extremely lightweight air-dried white modeling clay by Padico, imported from Japan. Still has a little flexible texture when dry, even softer than Hearty Clay. Becomes creamy like whipped cream clay when water is added. Contains no toxins, won't stick on fingers, no kneading necessary, no mess, ideal for baby hand prints, flowers, charms, accessories and other craft projects.

Celluclay Celluclay Instant Papier Mache
CelluClay, by Activa, is the original instant papier mache. This sculpting material air dries to a gray color. CelluClay II is white. Good for all skill levels, accepts multiple finishes, adheres to any surface, durable lightweight versatile, no need for paper strip cutting or paste, easy clean-up and non-toxic.

ClayCraft by Deco
ClayCraft by Deco is an air-dried modeling clay that is lightweight, pliable, easy to work with, and versatile; ideal for all projects, from the simplest to the most imaginative. It will air dry to a firm consistency in 24 hours. Can be fashioned into ultra-thin and delicate pieces and comes in white plus 5 vibrant colors. ClayCraft is a soft clay similar to Martha Stewart's Crafters Clay, Artista, Hearty Clay, Cloud Clay and other soft clays best suited to fashioning clay flowers and simple figures that do not require a lot of detail.

Cloud Clay Cloud Clay
Soft, puffy Cloud Clay by Amaco, is as light as air, non-toxic and safe for small children to use (age 3 and up). With more stretch than most other brands of modeling clay, Cloud Clay's fibers won't break when pulled apart, so projects are more durable, even down to the smallest details. Because it's extremely pliable, Cloud Clay is fun to squeeze and model. The clay is not messy and is dry to the touch while being used. Will air dry overnight to a solid figure. Available in 6 colors.

Cosmos Cosmos resin clay
Cosmos is smooth, elastic and sticky when it's fresh. It's a little bit hard at first, but it's not as hard as polymer clay. After kneading it awhile and warming it up, it'll start getting softer. There's 2 separate envelopes of clay inside package, which means you only need to expose half the package to air at a time. Cosmos comes in primary colors red, blue, yellow and green along with white, brown and black. You can also use acrylic paints to pre-tint the clay or paint when cured. Similar to and made by same company who makes Grace.

Crafter's Clay Crafter's Clay
Martha Stewart Crafter's Clay is a pre-colored soft clay which can be molded using silicone molds or free form to create dimensional embellishments, flowers, figurines, and so much more. Air-dries in 24 hours to a lightweight, firm consistency that can be painted, glittered, sealed or left natural. Basic Colors set includes yellow, red, blue, and brown, 2-ounce total. Color-mixing chart included. White available in 2.4 oz packages. Starter kits also available which include clay, molds, instructions, etc.

Craft Porcelain Craft Porcelain
Said to be similar to cold porcelain. Used for creating flowers, figurines and other sculptures. Dries in 24 hrs to a semi-translucent porcelain-like finish; extremely thin pieces are flexible when dry; strong, light-weight, fine-grained, almost like a white-glue and cornstarch clay. Comes in 'flesh', white, black and other colors. Distributed in USA by Amaco.

Crayola Crayola Air Dry Clay
Easy to use white clay to help make solid, durable forms. School grade. Great for classrooms, art rooms and group activities. No firing or baking required -- just let it air day. White clay comes in a resealable bucket. Once cured, the compound can be colored with paint or markers.

Crayola Crayola Air Dry Clay Variety Pack
New-Neutral colors! Soft, pliable, and easy to use, the clay is ideal for school projects or your own arts and crafts. The clay is designed to stay pliable for easy rolling and shaping. When they complete their clay creations, it will air dry to a hard solid that can then be painted. This kit contains five individually wrapped blocks of clay in four different colors.

Creative Paperclay Creative Paperclay
Creative Paperclay is one of the most popular air-dry modeling mediums. Clean, odorless, easy to use and air dries hard. Creative Paperclay requires no firing in a kiln or baking in an oven. It feels similar to an earthen clay; however, it contains no clay in it at all. It can be sculpted, molded or shaped while it's moist and it accepts and retains fine details. It adheres easily to wood, canvas, boxes, tins and most surfaces without glue! When dried, it's similar to a soft wood. It is very lightweight and durable. It may even be carved or sanded after it has hardened. Dried Paperclay can be painted with any kind of paint; it's just like painting on wood or paper. If you prefer, water based paint may be kneaded into the Paperclay while it's still moist. Flat sheets of Paperclay can be used to cover Styrofoam balls and other shapes, which is a nice benefit over oven-cured polymer clay (Styrofoam should never be placed in an oven). You can also cover cardboard shapes, boxes, tins and more. Paperclay sticks well to itself but white glue can be used if you have any problem with it adhering.

Darwi Darwi Classic Modeling Compound
Darwi is an air-dry clay with very little shrinkage. It dries to a hard finish within 24 hrs. Adheres to almost any medium and can be used for numerous applications. This compound has proven quite popular for making metal casting molds. Comes in white or terra cotta. After drying you can carve, sand and paint Darwi.

Darwi Roc Darwi Roc
Darwi Roc is stiffer and stronger than the other Darwi clays and is best used for modelling fine detail. Roc has little shrinkage, a wonderfully smooth texture and cures to look like porcelain. Some have compared it to LaDoll.

Darwi Extra Light Darwi Extra Light
Darwi Extra Light is a very lightweight, very soft, air-drying white clay. It is ideal for card making and other projects that need modeled elements to remain as light as a feather. Clay will even float! As the clay is hypo allergenic with a consistency that is particularly soft and easy to work with it is ideal for taking impressions of babies hands or feet.

DAS DAS (Prang) Air Hardening Clay
Italian air-dry-clay; a soft, but heavy, clay. Knead the material briefly before forming it. It can also be sanded when dry. It is a slow drying clay so you can take your time forming it. It is not a lightweight clay so is suitable for free form sculpting. Available in Terracotta and White. Both colors handle exactly the same.

DecoMagic Garden Clay DecoMagic Garden Clay
DecoMagic Garden Clay is a new clay from the makers of ClayCraft. It air dries in 24 hours or less. Garden Clay is ideal for forming life-like trees, floral branches and stems, as well as uses for figurines. It is formulated to blend perfectly with ClatCraft by DECO Soft Clay.

Delight Delight Modeling Compound
Modeling medium from makers of Creative Paperclay; pure white, extremely soft fine-grained and easy to shape or mold, picks up details beautifully; super clean to work with; air hardens to create a lightweight (about half the weight of Creative Paperclay) and durable finished piece. Delightful to use!

FimoAir Basic Efaplast: Beginning in 2010, the Efaplast air drying modelling clays will be called FimoAir. The addition of the word 'Air' clearly differentiates this from oven-drying polymer clays. See below for descriptions of the new FimoAir product line.

Fimo Air Basic
FimoAir Basic is a ready-to-use, clay-like, water-based modeling material which air dries. No need to bake this Fimo product in oven. Manufacturer says it is made from 97% natural substances (ideal for children’s use). After drying, modeled objects can be sanded and painted. Odor free, pleasant feel, does not stick, dries hard but is heavier than other clays. Available in white, terra cotta, flesh or light flesh.

FimoAir Light FimoAir Light
iFimoAir Light s a ready-to-use, extremely lightweight water-based modelling clay which dries in the air and can then be easily modified by drilling, glueing, painting and varnishing. The hardened material is particularly light which makes it perfect for objects where weight is an issue, e.g. mobiles, or for model-making. Pleasant feel, not sticky. Available in white, yellow, red, blue, green and black. Descriptions say FimoAir Light can also be dried in microwave oven.

Grace clay Grace resin clay
Grace is possibly Japan's number one brand of resin clay. In package is 2 separate envelopes of clay, which means you only need to expose half the package to air at a time. Grace air dry clay is soft, smooth and elastic. So soft that texture impressions may puff up and fill in. Quite sticky when fresh. Often used to make charms and mini food. You can paint after cured or use acrylic paint to pre-tint. You can also mix Grace with colored resin clays. Similar to and made by same company who makes Cosmos.

Hearty Clay Hearty Clay by Activa
Hearty lightweight modeling clay, pliant and easy to handle, may be too soft to hold fine detail. Recommended for flowers; many colors available. Air dries to a firm consistency within 24 hours; soft suede-like appearence and feel when dry. Based on comments heard, Hearty is similar to Artista, Angel and ClayCraft by Deco.

Jumping Clay kit Jumping Clay
JumpingClay is an drying modeling clay that comes in resealable refill packs. Great for kids craft projects. You can roll it and bounce it like a ball. The 8 color set contains all the colors, tubs and an illustrated manual.

LaDoll La Doll Natural Stone Clay
This clay is the doll artist's choice for excellence with its mixture of pumice, talc, small amounts of paper pulp, and additional binders. Extremely pliant, it can be worked indefinitely by keeping it moist. It will adhere to any core material (wire, mesh, rigid wrap, paper, glass, plastic, wood, Styrofoam, and more) and can be stamped, carved, or sculpted with exceptional detail. Can be drilled, sanded, or sculpted when dry. This clay will also accept acrylics, oils, water based paints, as well as dry finishing powders. Additionally, the clay can be dissolved in water and used as a finish coat or soaked with paper or cloth to form into shapes. Dries with minimal shrinkage and a fine smooth texture.

LaDoll Premier La Doll Premier Lightweight Stone Clay
LaDoll Premier is a stiffer version of LaDoll and works well for delicate areas such as fingers. LaDoll is the doll artist's choice for excellence with its mixture of pumice, talc, small amounts of paper pulp, and additional binders. Extremely pliant, it can be worked indefinitely by keeping it moist. It will adhere to any core material (wire, mesh, rigid wrap, paper, glass, plastic, wood, Styrofoam, and more) and can be stamped, carved, or sculpted with exceptional detail. Can be drilled, sanded, or sculpted when dry. This clay will also accept acrylics, oils, water based paints, as well as dry finishing powders. Additionally, the clay can be dissolved in water and used as a finish coat or soaked with paper or cloth to form into shapes. Dries with minimal shrinkage and a fine smooth texture.


LaDoll Premix
Premix is a combination of Premier and original LaDoll clays mixed to the best consistency for a wonderful new air dry clay. With the pliability of La Doll and ultra-lightweight of Premier, it is easily carved and polished smooth. With the strength to be made into a hollow clay object. All paints and varnish are accepted.
Cloth Clay LaDoll Cloth Clay
Cloth Clay appears to be a new formula for LaDoll clay. Cloth Clay sounds similar to fabric stiffener or Paverpol because it can be used to drape fabric...but it's not exactly the same. It is a liquid air-dry clay sure to inspire some new styles of doll crafting. It can be used in a manner similar to the clay-over-cloth technique currently used by many cloth doll crafters or used for draping fabric on a sculpted clay figure. It can also be used like a clay slip, to fill small holes or cracks on finished surface of a sculpted figure.
Li-Qua-Che Pourable Paper Mache Casting Compound
Li-qua-che is a paper-fiber reinforced, polymer based compound from Activa that is air-cured, not fire hardened. Designed to be used with plaster ceramic molds, it dries to a hard, durable, break resistant product that polishes like porcelain. Li-qua-che should be poured approximately at the consistency of cream. Depending on the size of your mold, you can generally empty the mold after only 15-30 minutes.

Lumina Lumina Polymer Air Dry Clay
Lumina Clay is an air-dry polymer resin clay that does not require heat to cure. When dried Lumina clay is waterproof, extremely durable, has a high flexibility, is acid-free and is translucent. It is great for rubber-stamping, figurines, making flowers, ornaments, jewelry and so much more.

Makin's Clay
A polymer-based air-dry clay available in many colors, including neon colors. Lightweight clay dries in about 24 hrs, can be sanded and painted. For beginners to professionals. Non-toxic. Does not contain PVC. Water based. Do not bake in oven. Do not microwave.

Marblex Marblex Self-Hardening Clay
Marblex Self-Hardening Clay from Amaco is a moist, self-hardening, gray clay that can be modeled by hand, with tools, or thrown on a potter's wheel. When completely dry, finished pieces are durable but not waterproof. Knead MarblexTM to increase plasticity before modeling. Keep unused clay in a plastic bag or wrapped in damp cloth to prevent drying out. Similar to Amaco Mexican Pottery Clay and Stonex. Air dry only. Sold in 5 pound box.

Mexican Pottery Clay Mexican Self-Hardening Clay
Mexican Pottery Clay from Amaco is a self-hardening red clay supplied in moist form ready to use for all methods of modeling, including wheel throwing and sculpting. When dry, modeled objects are hard and durable but not waterproof. This is not a true terra cotta pottery clay (which needs kiln). It is similar to Amaco Stonex and Marblex, except color. Sold in 5 pound box.

Mermaid Puffy Mermaid Puffy (Decollage)
Mermaid Puffy from Padico (Japan) is a waterproof clay with elasticity and strength. It feels nice and has velvety texture like Hearty Soft. There are three colors: white, biscuit, and chocolate (suitable for fake sweets).

Modeling Cast Modeling Cast-Air drying Casting Slip
A new liquid clay from Padico (Japan). You can make dolls like bisque dolls with Modeling Cast without using an oven. No need to bake or fire. Pieces made with the slip are strong and lightweight. When a piece comes out of a plaster mold, it can be carved like clay. Note: Modeling Cast is for plaster molds, not for silicone molds.

Model Magic by Crayola
Crayola Model Magic is a soft, easy-to-use modeling material, air-dries, usually within 24 hours. Advertised for school use. Model Magic in available in many colors and is usually found in the kids section of the craft store. Available in individual color packets, kits, variety packs and classroom packs. Deluxe Variety Pack shown in photo. This spongy, pliable modeling clay offers children an ideal introduction to the art of sculpting, pottery, and clay animation.

Model Magic Fusion, Cinderella's Castle Model Magic Fusion by Crayola
Lightweight and spongy, even after drying (doesn't dry very hard). This unique modeling material is fun to use and easier to shape than regular clay. The non-crumbling formula sticks to itself but not to your hands! Also sitcks to many materials (wire, plastic, wood, Styrofoam, and more). Available in colors, including gold & silver. Products appears to be phased out by Crayola but is available in craft kits (Cinderella's Castle kit shown). Not for children under 3 years.

Modena Modena Translucent
Modena from Padico is a soft & flexible Japanese air dry clay. Dries translucent & waterproof. Virtually unbreakable. It can be colored by mixing in acrylic and oil paints. It is ideal for making flowers and Japanese sweets called "Wagashi". It is non-toxic. You can use glue or water to join the cured modena pieces. Do not mix it with stone clays, oil clays, or Wood Formo.

Modena Soft Modena Soft Clay by Padico
Modena Soft is air dry clay, soft, flexible and 50% lighter than Modena. Virtually unbreakable and waterproof after dried. Clay color is white like ceramic and is even like porcelain when finished with Sealer or Super Gloss Varnish. The color never fades. It can be colored by mixing in acrylic and oil paints. Suitable for flowers, sweets & deco crafts. It is non-toxic. Do not mix it with stone clays, oil clays, or Wood Formo.

Paverpol Paverpol Fabric Hardener
Paverpol sculpting medium is an environmentally-friendly fabric and textile hardener from Holland! Dip fabrics into Paverpol. Drape or wrap the material around a wire figure or other armature and leave it to dry. You can also use a preformed figure of styrofoam, plaster, paper mache, or kitchen foil covered with masking or floral tape. Paverpol dries fast, but slowly enough to allow plenty of working time. After it has hardened it can be used outdoors as well as indoors. Available as transparent, black or bronze.

Paverpol Art Stone Paverpol Art Stone Decoration Powder
Art Stone Decoration Powder can be used to make self-hardening clay or to give your sculptures a stone-finish look. For stone finishes, add powder to Paverpol Transparent and apply to styrofoam, plaster, or papier mâché covered with masking tape.

Paverplast Paverplast
Mix this powder with Paverpol to make a paste suitable for creating pieces of work that remain watertight, such as bird basins, fountains, pools, etc. It can also be used to provide sculptures of styrofoam, plaster, self-hardening clay, papier-mache, etc., with a completely watertight layer. Varnishing is not required.

Pearl Paperclay
Pearl is an economical alternative in air-drying modeling material from the makers of Creative Paperclay. Ready-to-use, it accepts detail and hardens to a strong, lightweight finish. Odorless and non-toxic, made from all natural ingredients, is biodegradable. It is very pliable and takes detail extremely well. May be hand shaped or used with molds. White only, can be painted or colored with markers when dry. School grade.

Model Air Polyform Model Air
Model Air from Polyform (Sculpey) is an air dry clay that doesn't need oven or kiln to cure. Manufacturer describes Model Air as lightweight, durable, pliable and very easy to smooth. However, users describe it as a heavy clay which is fast drying, making it difficult to blend and smooth seams. Available as white or terra cotta.

Powertex Powertex Fabric Hardener
A polymer based liquid medium, ready to use from the package; makes nearly any porous surface hard and weather resistant. With Powertex you can transform textiles, paper mache and paper into durable sculptures, wall art and jewelry. Treated fabric can be draped, folded, pleated and manipulated in countless ways. Available in Transparent, Bronze, Lead and Terra Cotta. It can also be colored using powdered pigments like ColortricX and Powercolor.
Puchiforumo Puchiforumo (Japan import)
Puchiforumo from Japan is a fine-grained clay made from natural stone. Strong when cured, dries white, can be painted. Recommended age: 6 years or older
Sculpt-It Sculpt-It by Sargent Art
Modeling material dries to an almost ceramic hard surface with minimal shrinkage; can be moistened while pliable for piece-to-piece adhesion, smoothing, and blending to avoid cracking. Available in 6 colors, can be painted. School grade.

Boneware Sculpture House Boneware Moist Clay
Boneware is a moist clay availabe as gray or red. Air dries. Boneware can be kept soft and pliable as long as desired, if moistened with water and covered with a damp cloth while not in use. Finished pieces, once air-dried, are bone hard. No firing or baking is necessary. May be decorated with tempera, oil paints, or enamels. Sold in 4 pound box.

Stonex Stonex Self-Hardening Clay
Stonex self-hardening white clay from AMACO is prepared in moist form and ready to use. Used for all methods of modeling, including wheel throwing and sculpting. When completely dry, finished pieces are hard and durable but not waterproof. Water can be used when clay begins to harden while working. When pieces are dry, clay can be decorated with Rub n Buff, school paints, temperas, acrylics or liquid crayons. Similar to Amaco Mexican Pottery Clay and Marblex. Air dry only. Sold in 5 pound box.

WED Clay WED Clay by Laguna Clay
WED stands for Walter E. Disney. Originally developed for use in sculpting Disney's animatronics models, WED clay is an extremely versatile water based clay with properties similar to many of today's most popular oil based clays. It's smooth, slow drying, extremely pliable, and works great for sculptors seeking a 'fast sculpt' medium. WED clay is still commonly used by professionals in the entertainment industry for masks, modeling, mockup, and large scale sculptures. Like any water based clay, WED clay needs to be kept moist, preferably with a spray bottle or a damp towel. Saran wrap is also commonly used. Gray clay available in 25 or 50 pound box.

Wood Formo Wood Formo from Padico
Wood Formo is a beautiful air-dried wood-look clay. It made with coarsely-grinded chip wood and natural clay. Air dries hard and durable. You can make wooden look-alike pieces with Wood Formo. Great for miniatures.

Additional brand names continuously added.  If you have any tips or product information you'd like to see included here, please leave a comment below.
**Note:    Much of the information provided here regarding durability and other characteristics of the various modeling materials are typically based on manufacturer's description. I do not have personal experience with every single brand and cannot endorse any particular one.  As a service to our visitors, the brandnames are linked to an online store selling that product (if available). Some of these may be an affilliate link where I can earn enough pennies to keep this site alive.
We do not endorse the content of any third party site.  We have no control over these sites or their content and therefore, we cannot guarantee, represent or warrant that the content contained in these sites is accurate, legal, and/or inoffensive.


  1. I have a project that is styrofoam that I have partially covered with plaster of paris. It isn't turning out like I want. Can you put this new clay, say the cloud clay over the plaster and finish the unflustered parts with clay also?

  2. I have bought modern clay(thai clay) from a shop. I'm kneading it bur its not becoming soft, what to do
    Thank you

  3. A Great product review Thanks! :D

  4. any one using an extruder device with any of these materials ,how about 3d printing which one and how are the results?

    1. Hi, Yes. I've used extruder with a number of brands. Problems arise with brands/formulas that are VERY sticky or stretchy but most clays go thru just fine. Just don't let clay dry out while in extruder.
      Sorry, I haven't any experience with 3D printing.


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