Tuesday, March 9, 2010

How to make a clay carnation

Did you know that you can make clay flowers with cold porcelain and other air-dry clays following tutorials written for sugar paste flowers?    The process is exactly the same except where they might use egg whites as an adhesive, you can use glue!    Clay flowers can be made into an arrangement or made to decorate a cake.  Many brides are having clay flowers made into a permanent bouquet for their wedding keepsake!

Click here for a tutorial to make the carnation shown above.   Remember, this may be a sugarcraft tutorial, but you will be using air-dry clay!  Cutters and veiners are tools used to create the carnation in this tutorial.  Making clay flowers with air-dry clay is not as common in USA as other countries, so molds & cutters for leaves and petals can  sometimes be quite expensive.  Most are designed for, and  used by,  commercial bakeries.   However, lower-cost petal molds are starting to become available (such as those shown here) or you can make your own cutters.  See this post for making cutters.  

Hope you enjoy making carnations!

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