Thursday, October 8, 2009

Meet a New Clay: Cold Porcelain

Cute pig created by ADC member Cold Porcelain Designs
Cold Porcelain Clay is relatively new to the USA but is rapidly growing in popularity. It's easy to use and requires few specialized tools aside from a basic set of sculpting tools. There's a few commercially-made Cold Porcelain brands available for purchase and it can also be made at home from simple ingredients.

Cold Porcelain is not an actual 'porcelain', but, if a whitener is added to the recipe, the finish becomes opaque and porcelain-like. The 'cold' refers to the fact that it does not have to be baked or fired. It is a self-hardening, air-dry clay.

Cold Porcelain is a versatile clay comprised of cornstarch, glue and other ingredients that are heated together to make a paste. Recipes for creating the CP paste at home can be found in the files of the Air-Dry-Clay Yahoo Group.  Fairly inexpensively, one can create natural-looking flowers, collectable figurines, cake toppers and many decorative items with Cold Porcelain.

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