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Air-Dry-Clay Flowers

Creating lifelike-looking flowers from clay is getting more and more popular.  Because of that popularity, I've created a separate directory that specializes only in realistic flower tutorials:  Clay Bouquet.   Combining all flower tutorials and all mediums together will make instructions for your favorite flowers much easier to find.   Visit Clay Bouquet if flower tutorials are what you're looking for.  The how-to instructions will include all clay types plus those tutorials that can be easily adapted to clay...such as gumpaste and sugarcraft flowers.

The list below is a  recap of the flower tutorials I've blogged about in the past.   All of these tutorials will be listed at Clay Bouquet.

Video showing tools & materials for making clay flowers

These first few are simple flowers & filler flowers 

Easy 5-petal flower  (step-by-step)
Easy 5-petal flower without cutters (video demo) ....goes to my Cold Porcelain blog
Quick & Easy Flower Magnets  ....goes to my Cold Porcelain blog
8-petal double flower (step-by-step)
Basic posie (video)
Yellow blossom  (step-by-step & video)
Artistic leaves  (step-by-step)
Mini flowers in pots  (step-by-step)
Filler flowers & small daisies (step-by-step video)
Ruffled petal flower (video demo) ...goes to my Cold Porcelain blog

These flowers are a little more challenging!

Calla Lily and Dandelion (miniature)
Calla Lily aka Easter Lily
Roses, White arrangement
Roses, Festive red/green/white arrangement
Violets (miniature)

Other clay flower projects:

How to  Make a Strand of Flowers
How to Wire a Spray of Clay Flowers
Clay Flowers as a Gift Decoration
Kissing Ball

More tutorials at Clay Bouquet


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