Monday, August 2, 2010

Create Clay Flowers: Orange Jasmine

 Orange Jasmine Made from DaisyClay, Air-dry polymer clay

These gorgeous Orange Jasmine flowers were created by Thai Flower Art using air-dry clay. Thai Flower Art is a small company based in Thailand.  The clays used for their flowers are Daisy Clay and Luna Clay, but cold porcelain and many other brands of air-dry clay are suitable for this project, especially the soft clays  like Deco ClayCraft and Crafter's Clay.  

The clay you use should be the soft and pliable type that is also strong and durable when molded very thin.  Some brands of air-dry clay (such as DAS terra cotta) are too heavy or not soft enough for flower crafting.   Techniques used in this flower tutorial are similar to those described in Clay Art for All Seasons: A Guide to Soft Clay Art using DecoClay. 

The free online lesson* for the Orange Jasmine flower is found in the online classroom at Thai Flower Art, along with a few downloadable lessons.     The Orange Jasmine lesson consists of a series of videos for each step in the process, showing you how to make the stems and petals in addition to the flowers.  
Update:  The original tutorial has been removed by author and replaced with this 6-part tutorial to create Orange Jasmine flower.   Click on each image for more info and video demo.

Thai Flower Art also sells various supplies for clay flower crafting.   If you want to obtain the Daisy Clay, it may be purchased thru Thai Flower Art in Thailand or, in USA, thru Arakina , a distributor for Thai Flower Art.    

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