Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Embossing Set by Walnut Hollow

In addition to the new, crank handle clay extruder from Walnut Hollow that we talked about yesterday is their clay embossing set.   Like the extruder, this also comes in a plastic storage case.    Even though I already have some of these tools, I like the convenience of the this is definitely going on my wish list!!  ;-)

Kit contains tools for embossing, stamping, cutting, and texturing all types of clay. Take a look at the video below and you'll see!

Each set includes the following:
·         160 Alphabet/ Number/ Symbol Tiles with a Tile Holder and Applicator
·         4 Texture Sheets
·         4 Clay Stamps with 1 Clay Stamp Handle
·         8 Clay Cutters
·         Storage Case to Hold Everything
·         3 Project Ideas with Instructions.


  1. Fabulous, i love this site.... so much information....
    Cheers Dawn

  2. Thank you Dawn, glad you enjoy!! ;-)


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