Monday, August 9, 2010

Make This Little Angel Magnet

Step-by-step instructions with lots of photos to create this cute angel can be found at

This angel magnet is made with cold porcelain, but many brands of air-dry clay would also be suitable for this easy project.  Soft, easy to mold clays work best.    

Pre-tint your white clay with a little acrylic paint, color paste  made for cake decorating & sugarcraft or colorants made especially for cold porcelain.   If you're not familiar with colorants, below is an example of cake colorants that are available in paste form from cake decorating suppliers and at Amazon.  Colorants specifically for cold porcelain are not readily available in USA, but you might find a supplier on the web.  

Tutorial is in Spanish.   If your browser doesn't automatically translate to your language of choice, you can find a translate tool at

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