Tuesday, August 17, 2010

New Clay Extruder by Walnut Hollow

Happy day, I finally have a new clay extruder!     I've been wanting the one made by Makin's Clay because my old Kemper extruder is just too hard to use with my arthritic hands!     I went shopping at the local Michael's store for the Makin's extruder and found they no longer carry it, but they do have a new extruder from Walnut Hollow that has a crank handle.....even better than the twisty handle of the Makin's, I'm thinking!

This extruder comes in a nice little plastic storage case with  20 different disks.    I've read that the disks for the Makin's extruder will  fit this extruder also.    I also read somewhere that metal cake decorating tips will fit into extruder... but haven't tested that out myself!    If you go shopping for this at Michaels, don't forget to bring a half-price coupon!   (Ask me how to get coupons if you don't know.)     btw....There's not any information at WalnutHollow.com on this product as yet.

I just purchased my extruder this weekend, so can't tell you anything about long-term durability of product, but it seems well made with sturdy metal parts.  It's a good size and is fairly easy to hold onto when cranking.   Putting it into a vise would make it even easier!    Here's a short video demonstrating it's use with polymer clay.   Remember, most air dry clays work well with extruder also (except those very soft & sticky brands).  


  1. This is great. I have so much problem with the one I have, because is so hard.

  2. Going to get one now, looks like a,great item


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