Monday, August 30, 2010

Make a Pansy with Air-dry Clay

This pretty Pansy is a good flower project for a beginner who's tried a few clay flowers and is ready to tackle something a little more challenging.

The following demonstration is an excerpt from the new book "Amazing Clay Flowers: Creating Realistic Flowers and Floral Arrangements" by Noriko Kawaguchi.    In her list of materials, she lists "resin clay" which we know as air-dry clay.   In Japan, polymer-based air dry clays are usually called resin clays.  

Note: There are 4 general types or 'groups' of no-bake air-dry clays currently popular.  The paper-based (actually wood pulp) clays such as Creative Paperclay, the stone-based (pumice) clays such as LaDoll, and the polymer-based clays such as Deco Clay, Lumina, Luna and many other brands of "soft" clays usually used in crafting clay flowers.  The 4th group is the homemade and commercial cold porcelain clays, which are very popular for creating clay flowers.

Any of the above could be used to make these Pansies but the softer clays are usually better suited to making thin petals.

Page One - Materials and Inner Petals

Inner Petals and Outer Petals

Assemble petals and make a bud

Calyx and Leaves
Paint the details


  1. Creative Paper Clay also has pumice.

  2. muy linda las flores q haces.
    le dejo ni blog.

  3. Thank you. You have many cute figures on your blog. Nice work.

  4. Thank you so much forclesring up my question on what" Resin Clay" is. My next search are for the "Mini-Presser and pressing mat she uses in the book. Shemakes it look so easy with her clear and concise instructions. Beautifully illustrated with large, up close and colorful pictures. I wish they would convert her other books to English. This book is a must have for any level clay artist. From what is written here I can use up my soft Sculpey lull to practice.

    1. I don't have that book and couldn't find any inside photos. Could the mini-presser be the same as using a pasta machine? Or is she talking about a ball-end tool? For a pressing mat, many flower artists use a foam mat (about 1" thick) to cushion petals when pressing, curving and curling.


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