Thursday, March 24, 2011

Marisol's Cold Porcelain Recipe

Cold Porcelain is a "clay" or paste that can be made at home and is composed of white glue and cornstarch. Cold porcelain is known throughout the world by many different names. It is also known as porcelana fria, masa flexible, biscuit, pasta di mais, among others. It is soft, white and flexible and can be modeled into small figures or large. Hard and durable when cured.   Cold porcelain requires no baking to cure and air-dries at room temperature.

There are many recipes available for cold porcelain, including microwave recipes. Which one to use depends on your own experience and what you will be making with the cold porcelain. Some recipes are softer, some harder, some more flexible or rigid.     See my other blog,  "Cold Porcelain Tutorials" for a 2-part video by Marisol Romero of Porcelana Fria Paso a Paso demonstrating her stovetop method for preparing the cold porcelain paste.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Demo: Paperclay Dolls by Polka Dot Pixie

Air-dry clay tutorial from The Polka Dot Pixie showing how she makes her small dolls/fairies using Styrofoam, Paperclay and a wire armature.  This is an easy tutorial for a basic painted doll figure, with your choice of paperclay painted hair or applied hair!   Head, hands and feet are made of clay but body armature is padded out with foil and wrapped in white floral paper tape.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy St Patrick's Day

PaddysDay is a celebration of the Irish spirit in humor, art and music .   The Irish sense of humor and gift of gab is legendary and we've gathered a bit o' blarney to share with you. In addition to the jokes and folklore, you'll find a collection of Irish music lyrics, greetings and blessings plus graphics to copy and enjoy at Paddy'sDay.    

Monday, March 14, 2011

Tutorial: Make Some Funny Bunnies

Video demo from TatyanaBel  doesn't say what kind of clay she's using but this would be a good project for the pre-colored air-dry clays such as Cloud Clay, Makin's Clay, Hearty Clay and Model Magic. Cold porcelain should work well for these bunnies also.  Bunnies are colorful and the simple shapes make it kid-friendly.  TatyanaBel says: "This is just to show how easy to create something that can bring an instant smile on your friend's face or someone's you care about. I've created few dozens during Easter and placed them in the kitchen at work. Easter Bunnies had their new friends very quickly!"

Thursday, March 10, 2011

How to Make Clay Roses

Today we have a video slideshow from Lydia, demonstrating her method for creating cold porcelain roses.   The  instructional text in the video is written in 4 languages.   You may have to use the PAUSE button in the video player to stop slideshow long enough to read text.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Miniature Teddy Bear

This video demo from sugarcraft artist Aine shows us how to make a tiny miniature teddy bear.   This demo is using gumpaste to create figure, but the process is exactly the same for air-dry clay.   Just use regular glue where she calls for edible glue.    This is a kid-friendly project and suitable for just about any clay, including the softer air-dry clays like Model Magic and Cloud Clay.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

How to Make a Miniature Milkshake

Cute Tanpopo shows us an easy way to make a pretty darn realistic miniature milkshake.  You can use just about any air-dry clay to make this tiny milkshake, but demo is using cold porcelain.   She made her milkshakes as charms but this looks to be about the right size for a 1:12 scale miniature soda shop too!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

How to add detailed stitches to clay figure

The following video demo from a guy in Sweden called Guldies shows us how to add whimsical stitches to a sculpt.  Detailed, dimensional and authentic looking.  The sculpture he creates in this video is quite wild, whimsical and colorful!

For very small stiches, you can use one of those marking wheels used for transferring sewing patterns or use the Cutter/Embosser tool shown here made by Wilton for creating stitch marks on cake fondant.  It's an inexpensive plastic tool with three detachable wheels for cutting and embossing 3 different patterns (wheels store in the handle).   I have one and it works great!


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