Monday, March 21, 2011

Demo: Paperclay Dolls by Polka Dot Pixie

Air-dry clay tutorial from The Polka Dot Pixie showing how she makes her small dolls/fairies using Styrofoam, Paperclay and a wire armature.  This is an easy tutorial for a basic painted doll figure, with your choice of paperclay painted hair or applied hair!   Head, hands and feet are made of clay but body armature is padded out with foil and wrapped in white floral paper tape.


  1. Yes they are very sweet, but what a the pink torso made of ?
    I enjoy alway`s tutorial Thank to The polka dot .


  2. Hi...The tutorial says she pads out the armature with foil and wraps it in white floral paper tape. In other words, use aluminum foil to shape a body around the armature wire and then wrap the whole body tightly in floral tape. She then applies a layer of gesso to seal it before painting the pink. Did I answer your question OK?

  3. yes,
    thank you very much for the explanation, now i understand.


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