Thursday, March 24, 2011

Marisol's Cold Porcelain Recipe

Cold Porcelain is a "clay" or paste that can be made at home and is composed of white glue and cornstarch. Cold porcelain is known throughout the world by many different names. It is also known as porcelana fria, masa flexible, biscuit, pasta di mais, among others. It is soft, white and flexible and can be modeled into small figures or large. Hard and durable when cured.   Cold porcelain requires no baking to cure and air-dries at room temperature.

There are many recipes available for cold porcelain, including microwave recipes. Which one to use depends on your own experience and what you will be making with the cold porcelain. Some recipes are softer, some harder, some more flexible or rigid.     See my other blog,  "Cold Porcelain Tutorials" for a 2-part video by Marisol Romero of Porcelana Fria Paso a Paso demonstrating her stovetop method for preparing the cold porcelain paste.


  1. I made a microwave version by following a youtube video. It was a great video and it went so easily! I really love the porcelain clay for a variety of reasons, but there is one thing I don't care about it. It seems as it air dries, it also expands. Not to a great extent but, enough that once in a while I get a split that forms. Then, after a day or 2, it shrinks back to it's original size. Unfortunately the split stays. Overall though, it's wonderful!

  2. I wonder if there is one particular recipe that would shrink/expand less than others?

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