Saturday, November 21, 2009

Which Glue to Use?

Sooner or later you'll want to glue clay pieces together or to glue something to the clay...and you'll wonder which glue to use.  Babs, the knitting chicken, needed some knitting needles.  So I glued some colored toothpicks into her hands.  Yes, I actually did knit a few rows of "wool" (crochet thread) using the was a lot easier
than  I expected!   ;-)

Just about any tacky glue or white glue will do when using air-dry-clay ...but a lot will depend on what you are actually glueing.  A handy website to bookmark is called This To That  and it just might have all your gluing answers!

Don't let the simplicity of the homepage fool you....the website has all kinds of glue information.    To find out which glue to use, fill in the form by entering your object (THIS) and what you want to glue it to (THAT) and hit the button.  It'll suggest glues to use.

This site also contains glue trivia and sage advice:  "There is no point in using a glue stronger than the materials you are bonding."   Glues in the news, FAQ and links to interesting sites such as "You glued what?" (the Wellbond gallery of unusual uses) and "Art Cars" wouldn't believe what some people have glued to their cars!
(Note:  Their links page has many dead links, but don't let that stop you....lots of useful and fun info!)

Hope you find this tip helpful!

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  1. Hi! Thanks for your post! I am about to attempt to glue a couple air dry pieces to wood using PVA glue. The underside of the pieces is unsealed/finished and this is what I will be gluing. The tops are painted in acrylic.

    Do I need to paint the underside first? It looks great unfinished but I am afraid the PVA may bond to a layer which will dust and crumble away over time if not sealed.

    I appreciate your insight!


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