Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Figurative Sculpture by Tine Kamerbeek

One of my favorite air-dry clay artists is Tine Kamerbeek, from Amsterdam.   Her work varies from tiny little elves to life size fantasy figures.  She prefers to work with air drying clays such as Japanese Paperclay or Formo Fit. 

All dolls are one of a kind and are made of air-dry clay, strengthened with a wire frame and with lead in the feet in order to make the dolls stand independently. After sanding and polishing, the dolls are painted with oil paint and varnished several times.

Tine says: “Through the expression, shape and position of the dolls I try to stimulate the imagination and draw the attention of those who look at them”.   More photos of her art dolls can be seen on her website and in the members gallery of DABIDA


  1. What a wonderful blog. I really enjoyed the spotlight on Tine Kamerbeek.....I would love to add your blog as a link
    Bonnie Jones

  2. Thanks for the feedback Bonnie, glad you enjoyed! Doesn't Tine create the most expressive faces on her figures! I also like the expressive face you created for your Lady Pumpkin Head. I'd love to exchange links!


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