Friday, November 20, 2009

Shaun the Sheep keychain

If you've been following this blog, you probably know I'm a fan of Shaun the Sheep and the claymation characters from Aardman Animation.   One of my first blog posts shared a photo of my clay figure (made with Creative Paperclay) of Shirley the Sheep (from Shaun's flock) and Babs, the knitting chicken (from Chicken Run).   Today I stumbled across some how-to instructions for making a cute
little Shaun the Sheep keychain.   It's not made of air-dry clay (although you could) but I thought it was too cute not to share.

Go to Craft Passion for instructions to create Shaun using off-white pom poms, wiggle eyes, black felt and black cotton cord (keychain is optional).  

If you don't know who Shaun the Sheep is, there's a little video clip below and more at the Shaun the Sheep official website and even more on YouTube.

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