Thursday, November 5, 2009

Blogs in Plain English

Today is Tutorial Thursday but, instead of an air-dry clay tutorial, let's talk about blogs.  Many, many artists that I've talked to have no clue about how to start a website or a blog for their art ....or else they think their budget is just too tight to have something like that.   The answer for them is Blogger!    It couldn't be any easier ....or any cheaper (free!) .... than using Blogger.   You can display your art, sell your art and/or share your expertise with a blog.  Watch this video titled 'Blogs in Plain English' to find out about blogs and then, go ahead, do it.....GO to and start your OWN blog!  ;-)  It really is free and easy!

If I can answer any questions... I'll be glad to help where I can!

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