Friday, September 3, 2010

More About Lumina Clay

Lumina® is an air-dry polymer/resin clay that does not require heat to cure.  It is translucent, waterproof and dries flexible.

We posted about Lumina last April, with a short review of the translucent air-dry clay by Camille Young. Yesterday I came across this extensive review of Lumina by Mixi at Kawaii Frenzy. Mixi provides lots of photos, including a demonstration of how the light shines through very thin pieces.

Lumina is also said to be waterproof.   Read the full review here:

On this page Mixi talks about experimenting with different products to color Lumina

See this page to follow Mixi's experiments using Lumina in molds and testing it's flexibility (it's quite flexible when cured).

I recently bought some Lumina myself, but haven't had a chance to give it a try yet.   When I do, I'll be sure to share my own personal experience with it.   If you've used Lumina, please tell us your own pros and cons!


  1. I've used Lumina clay in my beaded cuff bracelets and love it. It takes color very well and the flexibility of the foal pieces in the cuff mean less breakage. As a con it has a very short working life and you have to work quick. It doesn't adhere well to itself but a bit of Modge Podge definitely helps with that.
    I've enclosed a link to one of my blog posts showing the pieces I've done recently with Lumina.

  2. Thank you for linking to my review

    I will be posting alot more tips for lumina clay that I hope will be useful to your readers

    I have alot of other reviews on alot of other air dry clays that might be helpful as well like hearty and creative paper clay

  3. Thank you Mixi and Valerie, for sharing what you've learned.

  4. Where i cand find it in Portugal or in europe or shopping online??..

    best regards


    My email:

  5. Hello anonymous... I personally don't know where to shop in Europe but I do know you can get Lumina at Amazon and probably quite a few other websites. I'll add a link to the above article that will take you direct to the Lumina page. Amazon is currently doing a 4 for price of 3 promo too!


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