Sunday, September 26, 2010

Kissing Ball Made with Clay Flowers

A few days  ago I came across this great idea from CreativeNimi at  Craft Ideas for All.    It's a Pomander Ball, also known as Kissing Ball, made from clay flowers.  These decorative flower balls are used in weddings, at Christmas, at baby showers and other festive occasions.   The clay flowers can be made from cold porcelain or any of the softer air-dry clays, such as Deco clay.  To make the flowers, see our list of Clay Flower tutorials in the menu tab above.

CreativeNimi made the beautiful blue and white clay flower ball shown above.  She says: "Usually fresh flowers are used as it requires a lot of flowers. Making them in clay makes it extra special and this way it lasts longer. Pomander Ball with clay flowers is a labor intensive project, but once completed you really get the satisfaction of creating something magnificent."   Read more about her idea at Craft ideas for All.

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