Friday, February 19, 2010

How to Make Hydrangeas with Air-Dry Clay

In this video, Diane Phillips of DK Designs shows Martha Stewart how to make Hydrangeas out of Claycraft clay by DECO. Claycraft is a very soft, polymer based air-dry clay similar to Hearty, Makin's and Model Magic.

Each of those brands is available pre-colored, but you may also use white clay and tint the clay yourself.  Other brands of SOFT air-dry clay could be used to create these Hydrangea flowers, as well as homemade cold porcelain..

This flower-crafting video refers to the book Clay Art for All Seasons: A Guide to Soft Clay Art.
Click here for our review of the book.


  1. I use polymer clay,cernit,fimo and prosculpt but i know the I-Clay that is same this clayin this video...and is fantastic!!!!


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