Monday, February 15, 2010

How to make an elf with Model Magic

TatyanaBel shows us how she creates her elves with air-dry Crayola Model Magic.  "While creating an Elf, setting a different posture for him or her brings a new attitude in this little creature.  Holding an elf in your hand is so pleasant to the touch, it looks very alive :)  When clay dries out, it becomes unbelievably weightless. "


  1. Hi Veena, Did you try making an elf like this yet?

  2. I enjoyed this video. Looks like a great project for a beginner like me. One thing I noticed though was that the little bits seemed to stick together easily, and my experience so far with paperclay has been that it just won't stick at all!

  3. Hello BlytheSpiritCreations. The Model Magic demonstrated in this video is a very soft and quite sticky version of air-dry clay. Stickier than Paperclay. However, Paperclay could be used to make the project in the same manner. Moisten it a LITTLE to make it softer and stickier (kneed it in) and then add a small amount of water to re-moisten where you are adding parts. You may have to use a little white glue to stick on some parts.

  4. PS to above comment. Sometimes when joining arms and legs to body, it helps to insert a small piece of toothpick to re-enforce the joint.


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