Thursday, February 4, 2010

How to Make Mini Hair Rollers for Mini Dolls

Marsha, from Marsha's Musings and Sassy Mini Dolls, has shared her technique in this video for creating hair rollers (pink of course) for your mini dolls. I think this is cute and clever!   I wish I had  thought of this when I made my Auntie Marion doll (cloth doll shown here).  Some pink rollers in that red hair would have been a good thing!


  1. Thank you, Mary!! I like your doll!!! Character dolls are my fav!!

  2. what a cute doll I love character dolls and ones with some "pizzaz" are my favorite. :) Debb

  3. Marsha and Debb....Thanks for the nice compliments. I haven't made many cloth dolls, usually work in clay, but I love the colorful characters the most, no matter what the medium! This particular doll would have been too large for Marsha's mini rollers, but I bet I'd get good results by following Marsha's tips with a colorful drinking straw! ;-)


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