Tuesday, February 16, 2010

How to Make Paper Mache Clay

The author of this video (Jonni) created the sleeping lion cub shown above.   In the video shown below she demonstrates how to make the paper mache clay she uses to sculpt her figures.   Jonni says using this paper mache clay is faster than paper strips and paste, better details than paper pulp, and easier to make.

Caution: This material does use items from the hardware store that are not rated for use by children, and the resulting clay is not edible. Small children should not use this clay.


  1. wow, the lion is so cute, looks so peaceful, thanks for sharing the video
    god bless

  2. How is the detail for head sculptures

  3. I LOVE Jonni Good's paper mache clay. I've been using it now for about nine months to make my OOAK Santas. The detail is not as good on small sculptures, but on larger ones it is. I make small sculptures 10"-17", and if I'm not satisfied with the face, I'll use a bit of paper clay or modeling paste to smooth it out.


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