Thursday, February 10, 2011

How to Make Clay Peony


This 4-part video demo from Mayen from Way Beyond Cakes shows us how to make a very realistic Peony flower.   She describes this as a "beginners" flower and demonstrates every step in the process in detail.   Mayen is crafting with gumpaste in this demo, but the process is the same for air-dry clay (just use white glue instead of edible glue).    The softer brands of air-dry clay or cold porcelain are usually the best choice for clay flowers.

Part 1. Materials you will need in making a gumpaste peony for beginners; this video will use more commonly found materials instead of the specialized ones.

Part 2. Making the bud with inner petals

Part 3. Middle Petals with Larger Cutter

Part 4. Final petals of the Peony and using floral tape to put the whole look together


  1. Found your video on Pinterest. You did an amazing work, and it's just what beginners like. Your flowers are gorgeous!!!! I will try to make them out of clay.
    Thank you for the inspiration.

  2. What is the best clay to use for flowers like those ?


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