Friday, February 25, 2011

Sculpting a ball-jointed hand for BJD

Pat Lillich has written a tutorial for sculpting jointed hands for a large doll (BJD). She's using Paperclay and Polystyrene tubes to create the hollow finger units (and add strength).

Part 1.  Fingers

Part 2.  Palm & Stringing


  1. Oh Wow! This is fantastic! Thank you SO much for posting it! It's so hard to find construction info in this kind of detail. Much appreciated!

  2. Thank you Deborah! Keep checking back...I'm always searching for tutorials like this! I enjoyed your blog, I especially liked your Wizard Chickie...cute and whimsical!

  3. Hi I am going nuts trying to find simple instructions on how to start a doll using paperclay or LaDoll, both of which I have already purchased.

    Is it better to sculpt a head and body from styrofoam or use foil? I would think styro is better...but then I don't know if you dig the styro out once the clay has dried...I just need all the steps so I will know what I am doing and what to do next. I like to have in mind what I am doing all the way before I start.

    I have purchased 3 books now and none of them give in detail what I want to know! Could you direct me to that information?


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