Sunday, February 6, 2011

New Name for Cold Porcelain Cuties

We've got a name change in progress for my other clay blog.....The name (and the URL) have been changed.

Cold Porcelain Cuties
is now

Cold Porcelain Tutorials is being re-organized for 2011 and will contain a bunch of how-to tutorials for crafting and modeling with cold porcelain clay plus a collection of recipes for making cold porcelain paste at home.  From time to time, we'll also spotlight artists making some very cute dolls, animals and other cute figures!   Cold Porcelain Tutorials will feature the same  "cute" cold porcelain figures seen at Cold Porcelain Cuties but the new focus will be as a tutorial directory.   A bit of re-organization will be happening all week long.  

If you have Cold Porcelain Cuties bookmarked, you'll receive a message that the blog no longer exists! Not quite true!   It's just been re-named, which means your old bookmarks won't work anymore!  Please change bookmark to Cold Porcelain Tutorials.   Sorry... I haven't figured out a way to make Blogger automatically forward the old bookmarks to the new name.   The RSS Feed should still least I hope so!   Please let me know if you run into a problem!  This whole "name change" thing has been an experiment with Blogger tools and I'm learning as I go!  ;-)

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