Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Tutorial: Personalized Ornament

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving and a nice holiday weekend (in USA)!  I was busy with Thanksgiving and shopping from Black Friday to Cyber Monday!  TOO much time spent shopping...LOL!  Haven't had any time to post on this blog, but now my Christmas shopping is all done and maybe now I can come up with some new tips and tricks for your clay projects. 

This Tuesday Tutorial is from Makin's Clay to create a personalized Christmas ornament with air-dry clay.   Makin's Clay and a few other brands are
available pre-colored, but you can use use just about any brand of air-dry clay for this project and pre-tint it yourself (or paint it afterwards). 
The most frequently used coloring agents are acrylic paints and cake decorating colorants (the paste, not food coloring drops).   Just add a bit of colorant into a ball of clay and knead it til color is blended.  Not much colorant is needed.   Inks and oil paints and other coloring agents can also be used.   Do a test sample with whatever you have on hand!

This tutorial calls for you to cut out a shape in the first step....but Makin's doesn't seem to provide a pattern for that.  Solution:  Just use a flattened sheet of clay as the base for your figures and trim around the shape afterwards.  The chisel and mallet tools called for can be substituted with a knife or end of a straw and rounded end of a paint brush.   Brightly colored wire might make a great substitute for the hanging ribbon!

Hope you enjoy!   This could make a great gift or make one for your own family!  ;-)  More holiday ornament tutorials can be found in our ADC Tutorial Directory (which is in the process of being totally re-done!).

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