Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Meet a New Clay - Crea-stone

Crea-stone by AMACO is an air-dry sculpting compound that is mixed with water to form a paste, then cast in a shape that would be close in form and dimensions to the finished sculpture you want to create. (The closer you are to the finished idea the less carving you would have to do.)

Crea-stone is available in 25 lb boxes.  The 'Meditation' sculpture shown here uses approximately 5 lbs of dry material.   Complete tutorial for creating 'Meditation' is available at AMACO.

AMACO Crea-stone is a lightweight casting/sculpting material that has a granite look and texture when it is hard. Crea-stone mixes with water to achieve a thick paste like cement mix. Pour this paste into cardboard boxes, molds, & available objects to shape and mold. Once the paste starts to set up you can take it out of the cardboard box/mold and start doing any needed carving to enhance the cast shape. Usually this can be done after letting it harden for about 18 hours of pouring. At that point, although hard, the piece can easily be carved with a knife.
As you are carving, Crea-stone is going through a chemical reaction and becoming harder all the time. Therefore, try to keep it wet with water, but also work fast. As you progress you will have to change your carving tools accordingly from a knife to a hammer and chisel.

Try not to mix more material than you need for each mold or part of mold. While mixing, wear a NIOSH approved mask for dust and mist and make sure to wear vinyl gloves. Crea-stone is an alkaline material and may irritate your hands.

Objects made with Crea-stone modeling material have a granite-like texture that is lighter than stone, permanent, and weather-proof when dry.   Large objects can be made with Crea-stone.  The Japanese Garden Lantern shown here is well over a foot tall.   Tutorial for creating Lantern is available at AMACO.

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