Sunday, July 25, 2010

Learn how to make your own cold porcelain paste

Cold porcelain is a great air-dry clay that is very strong and durable when dry. Great for making flowers and small to large sculptures.  You can create your own cold porcelain paste at home from simple ingredients.  Here we have a clear, instructional video demonstration by our Yahoo Group member, Sangeeta, showing her easy microwave recipe (with the help of her son, the young, but talented producer, director and host of the video).  

There are many recipes for making cold porcelain paste being adapted according to the project to be made. This is just one of the recipes and relatively easy to accomplish.   Happens to be my favorite!!

For more information, please visit Sangeeta's website Everlasting Blooms or join our Air-Dry-Clay Yahoo Group.    Also see my other blog, Cold Porcelain Tutorials for more recipe options.


  1. Hi Mary:

    I just found your creative blog. Thanks so much for sharing your cold porcelain paste recipe.

    I had just purchased (lightweight) Sculpey so I could make some vintage mushrooms. But I definitely am going to make your recipe because I think it would be easier to work with than the Sculpey.

  2. Hi Darlene, Thanks for commenting. Let us know how your mushrooms come out and which method you like better..cold porcelain or Sculpey! btw....the recipe on this page is one of my favorites, but it's not mine, it's Sangeeta's (in video).


  3. I think its great. I havent tried this recipe yet but it looks easy and even. I have tried before with cornstarch and baking soda and it comes out ok , but eventually the crafts crack.

    has anyoone had any problem with this specific recipe and cracks?

    Thank you

  4. i have a new recipe...PERFECT one!
    3/4 cup glue
    1 cup cornstarch
    1 tbsp. baby oil

    after cooking knead with some Lotion :) (drops only)


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