Monday, November 8, 2010

Easy Way to Make a Doll's Head Using Push Molds

Would you like to make clay dolls but find the task of sculpting the face a little daunting?   Especially the small features on a miniature doll!    A push mold might be your answer!    The face shown above was created with a 3" push mold.  Imagine making a Santa stump doll with this face, a beard and a festive robe!  For a miniature, the small 3/4" face molds should be a good size for a 1" scale doll.

In the following video, popular clay artist and instructor Maureen Carlson shows us how to make the best use of a push mold when creating a doll's how to customize the character's face!

She's demonstrating with polymer clay using her own molds (some of which have been discontinued since video was originally made).  Air-dry clay can also be used with push molds in the same manner as polymer.  There are a number of different push molds available for making dolls, flowers and other things (not just Maureen's).  You can also make your own push molds.   I'll guess we'll have to cover that topic another day!   ;-)

If you're looking for something more challenging or more creative than the easy-to-use push molds shown in above video, Maureen also makes and sells "Puzzle-Face" molds for creating faces similar to those shown below.

Puzzle-Face molds are also push molds but the facial parts are molded individually and then assembled onto a "blank" head.  Facial parts are also interchangeable.   The nose from one mold can be used with the mouth from another, etc.  Seems like there would be endless possibilities for giving them your own unique look!  In the following video, Maureen shows you how to get started with a Puzzle-Face.



  1. Where can I buy the products you talk aboud in the vedeo. Tace Push Mold.
    I would like to start making a doll head.



  2. Hi Antoinette, That's Maureen Carlson in the videos, not me. ;-) The push molds shown are her own product sold at They are also available at many places that sell polymer clay supplies such as Michaels, JoAnns, Amazon and

  3. Do you know where can I buy the molds in special MOLD-18 boots, MOLD-21 Tiny Hands, MOLD-16 Feet, 3/4 in andMOLD-14 Feet, 1 1/4 in?

  4. Your description sounds very specific. Are you talking about push molds or porcelain molds? All I can advise is to keep searching the internet.


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