Saturday, May 14, 2011

Mixed Media Clay "Face of Mother Nature"

Hearty Clay and mixed media combine to create this nature-inspired wall hanging.  Created by Judy Ross of Sun City, Arizona.   Judy first creates molds from quick-set plaster or mold compound.  Next, Hearty clay is pressed into molds to create embellishments.

Materials and Tools:
black Hearty clay
doll with interesting face
quick-set molding compound and air-drying clay for mold
box lid
auto protectant spray
matte and metallic acrylic paints
embossing powders: copper, verdigris
heat gun
rubber stamps
buffer sponge
fabric glue
decorative paper
paper plates
cosmetic sponges

Steps to create leaf mold:

1. Draw a leaf pattern onto sheet of foam and cut out.
2. Spray leaf with a release agent. Mix quick set plaster, and place leaf into it.
3. Put black air-dry clay into leaf mold to make leaf.

Steps to create mold for "The Face of Mother Nature" :

4. Make a mold from doll's face (wrap clay onto a doll's face and let air dry).
5. Place more black clay into face mold. Place face onto leaf and combine into one. Make veins with clay tool.
6. Paint with acrylic paints. Add some embossing powders and heat with heat gun to add texture. Let dry.

Assemble and finish:

7. Choose appropriate decorative paper.  Glue "The Face of Mother Nature" to paper.
8. Embellish with stamps and twigs.
9. Put into frame and hang on wall.


  1. This a interesting post and an interesting piece. I enjoy tutorials and wip as it's interesting to see how other artists come up with their creations.


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