Thursday, June 21, 2012

Meet a New Clay: Crafter's Clay

Those of us who have been aware of the pleasures of working with air-dry clay may soon by joined by the uninitiated due to Martha Stewart's new line of Crafter's Clay, molds and tools.   Believe it or not, many people are still under the impression that ALL air-dry clays are a kid's product. *sigh*  We know that is not so, don't we!  Just one look at the professional work of air-dry clay artists like Hannie Sarris, Guilherme
Pires, Tine Kamerbeek and  Linda Macario should convince anyone that air-dry clay is not a child's toy anymore.  However, we also must acknowledge that the quality of the various brands vary greatly from the inexpensive school grade to the higher quality artist grade.  

Back to the subject of the new Crafter's Clay, which is designed for the adult audience.  It is a soft clay, very similar to Deco ClayCraft (possibly the same clay marketed under the Martha Stewart name).   Unlike polymer clay, this air-dry clay requires no baking and no kneading (unless you want to blend colors, which you probably will).     The clay is available in a few basic colors but a color chart provided by Martha shows how to easily mix dozens of custom colors.   This clay is perfectly suited to making flowers and scrapbook embellishments such as those shown in the best-selling book on crafting clay flowers Clay Art for All Seasons: A Guide to Soft Clay Art

This video from a craft trade show will tell you more about the clay, the molds and the starter kits that are available.  We'll talk some more about Crafters Clay after I get my hands on some and can give you a personal review.



  1. sorry but it won't play for me....would like to see it.....thanks for trying....

  2. Sorry you weren't able to see's working OK for others. Come back again if you figure out why video won't play for you.


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