Saturday, May 11, 2013

Comparing Polymer Clay and Cold Porcelain

DottedKitten has created a video showing us the differences she found between polymer clay and no-bake cold porcelain.   This question comes up often, so I hope you enjoy the video.   Thanks DottedKitten!


  1. Thank you for the video.
    Just a question, if you needed to keep the clay or porcelain fiqure in the fridge, on a cake design. Which medium would not absorb the moisture. And is Polymer clay non toxic?

    1. Hi Marg, Many cake decorators make their cake toppers with cold porcelain, so I imagine it would be just fine in the refrigerator for a short while. It is always recommended to use some kind of separator or base(such as cakeboard) when making a cake topper from non-edible material (to keep clay from actually touching the cake). Please contact the manufacturer of any polymer clay to ask about their toxicity.


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