Wednesday, January 6, 2010

How to make a doll's straw hat

This blog may be about air-dry clay and sculpting figures with our favorite clay, but sometimes we need accessories for those figures!   

Today I stumbled across this blog with a great tutorial for creating a stylish straw hat for your dolls and figures.

How to make a doll's straw hat

Depending on how you embellish the hat, you can create some very different looks!

UPDATE April 2013  Apparently the blog with this hat tutorial has gone offline.   There's another doll's straw hat tutorial at A Doll Dresser.  (scroll down her page a little to find tutorial).


  1. Hi!
    Your above link to making a doll straw hat is broken. Is there any way you can re-locate it?

    1. Sorry KraftyKat...that blog seems to have disappeared. Too bad! I didn't copy the tutorial for myself either! :( If it's moved to another host, I sure can't find it. But I did find a similar tutorial here


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