Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy St Patrick's Day

A man was on a walking holiday in Ireland. He became thirsty so decided to ask at a home for something to drink. The lady of the house invited him in and served him a bowl of soup by the fire.

There was a wee pig running around the kitchen, running up to the visitor and giving him a great deal of attention. The visitor commented that he had never seen a pig this friendly. The housewife replied: "Ah, he's not that friendly. That's his bowl you're using."

The Monsignor greeted Paddy and said "Congratulations on your 50th wedding anniversary! Have you any plans made on how to celebrate?"
"Well," said Paddy, "on our 25th Anniversary I took Mary to Ireland."
"And what are you going to do on your 50th?" asked the Msgr.
"Well," said Paddy "I think I'll bring her back."
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