Tuesday, March 2, 2010

How to make cold porcelain paste

Cold porcelain is a very versitile air-dry clay that you can make at home with simple ingredients.  It cures/dries to a hard, durable 'porcelain-like' finish.  In this video, Sangeeta Shah shows you how to make her basic cold porcelain recipe, which she cooks in microwave for just a few minutes.   I've followed this recipe myself and I can testify that it is very easy to make cold porcelain this way!

More about cold porcelain at Cold Porcelain Tutorials


  1. this didn't work for me at all. i wasted my ingredients.

  2. To anonymous: That's a shame because it worked great for me and many other people. Try again and be careful to follow instructions precisely. Sangeeta is a professional teacher and has a lot of experience showing students how to make cold porcelain.

  3. may i know how much is 1 cup? As in how many gram or ml?

  4. love how simple this is. But I was wondering if there's an alternative to the nivea cream. Will any paraffin/glycerin-based cream do?

  5. This is a great way to make it! happt i found out i can put in a microwave! :) tank you!

  6. To the person who was confused by the converting measurements( the USA appears to be the only country NOT using metric forms of conversion) I found this helpful website that converts ANY KIND OF MEASUREMENT- but I am providing you with the link directly to cooking as this is what cold porcelain paste falls closest under- cooking measurements. I hope it helps you and others.(If you ever need help with other conversions be sure to check the entire site for what you need to have converted). Good Luck to all! :-)


  7. Here I was answering a question when one came to mind: I don't use microwaves. We are constantly bombarded with electricity everywhere and it is just one electronic I can live without since I do cook from scratch.

    What is one to do when certain clays require microwave heating? How do I know how to heat it with a stove or stove top( oven)? Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank You so much! :-)

    TheGrinningDoggy-Animal Welfare&Rescue Advocate

  8. Thank you to TheGrinningDoggy for the conversion link. I'm sure many will find it useful.

    For cold porcelain cooking tips, please see my other blog which is just about cold porcelain. There's a "recipe" page with a variety of recipes, microwave and stovetop and no-cook...with a few video demos. http://coldporcelaintutorials.blogspot.com/p/cp-recipes.html

  9. i think i'm smart enough to follow the directions. this isn't rocket science. if it didn't work for me it doesn't mean i didn't follow the instructions -which i did-. i didn't say she doesn't know what she's doing. geeez.


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