Saturday, August 20, 2011

How to make a Rainbow Clay Mouse

Rainbow Clay is a new air dry modelling sculpture medium. Described as paper based modelling medium, non toxic, odourless & safe.  Air drys.  Lightweight, soft & easy to use.   Distributed by Rainbow Clay Australia.  The following video demonstrates a cute and easy mouse.  Kid-friendly and a good beginners project!

(note:  There's a Rainbow Clay available at but I'm not certain it's the same product.  Packaging looks different.   If anybody has the answer to this, please leave a comment!)

If you're a distributor of Rainbow Clay in the USA (or other countries), please let us know!   Our Air-Dry Clay Yahoo Group has members from every continent!  (Well, except Antartica maybe...LOL)


  1. Please check out for more details and videos

  2. Rainbow clay is also popular for making designer buttons, cake figurines, jewellery, should be covered in a resin to waterproof, although they have survived the washing machine without losing the colours. Also of note is the interest for claymation because of the fine textures, the colours and can be sealed to slow the drying process.

  3. Hi Lawrence, Can you tell us more please. Are you a supplier of Rainbow Clay? Is this product available in USA?


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