Saturday, August 27, 2011

New Tutorials This Week

The newest tutorials posted this week over at my tutorial directory  are:

A bowl made with Creative Paperclay   This is big!  Not a simple round bowl!

A cute little bookmark mouse   Cute, easy and quick.  Makes a great little gift!

Monster face keychain charms    Funny faces with a steampunk attitude!  Also good magnet!

Make a rainstick with Paperclay   Listen to the sound of rain in the middle of Summer heat!


  1. Thank you for all your wonderful information on this site! However, I couldn't find an answer to a question I have. Perhaps you can help. Which air dry clay is ideal for silicone molds (small very fine detailed objects)?

  2. Hi Laura, I'm not sure if I'm qualified to say which would be "ideal" for your purpose but I'd definitely recommend experimenting with the stiffer air-dry clays such as LaDoll. It holds detail well and is strong. LaDoll Premier is even stiffer and good for delicate small features.

    I would NOT recommend any of the soft clays, they are not designed to hold fine detail (Cloud Clay, Hearty Clay, DecoClay, etc). I also do NOT recommend DAS for what you have in mind but I'd give Creative Paperclay a try in the mold, if you have some.

    Tip: Let your air-dry clay cure for a little while still in the mold. Most air-dry clay shrinks a little bit and that will help with releasing from mold.


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