Sunday, January 8, 2012

Larger than Life Papier Mache

Most of the time air-dry clay is used to create miniatures or dolls, but it's also great for making lifesize or  larger-than-life clay sculptures such as the 4 foot tall teapot shown above!   Often the best product to use for such large sculptures is good old-fashioned papier mache.   Sometimes the basic form will be made with papier mache and a product like Celluclay (an instant papier mache) or a low cost air dry clay
will be used for the finish coat.  Those products will give a slightly smoother finish than traditional papier mache.

Visit Enormity Bandwagon  to read about making the extra large teapot shown above.

At, they made a life-size self portrait from papier mache .  I think it's pretty darn cool!

But, if you're into smaller things, you can create a teapot diorama or roombox from papier mache and/or air-dry clay!

Hope you found some inspiration here today!


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