Monday, January 9, 2012

Tuesday Tutorials


  1. Hello from your newest follower! I can't seem to get the OOAK air dry clay doll head tutorial to open.. any ideas why? Thanks :)

  2. Cold Porcelain is not an actual 'porcelain', but, when dried, the finish becomes opaque and porcelain-like. I have some collections here in the house...and I'm gonna be adding more :)

  3. Yes, "cold porcelain" is not porcelain, it is an air-dry modeling material that has a porcelain-like appearance when cured. The "cold" refers to the fact that it does not need to be kiln-fired. See my other blog for more info about cold porcelain.

  4. Dearest Jackdaw. My apologies. The links have been corrected and should work now. Sorry it took me so long to make correction, real life has kept me away from my blogs for a while!


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