Monday, October 25, 2010

Make a Paperclay Pumpkin Pail

This clever Halloween tutorial from Carmen Ellis (Spooky Hollow Folk Art Designs) is full of humor and tips for using Creative Paperclay.    Create the miniature pumpkin pail shown in photo above starting with a hollowed-out Styrofoam ball and Paperclay  (makes about a 4 inch pail).   Go to this page for Carmen's "Poor Man's Pumpkin Pail".

Here's a sampling showing her sense of humor....some things you may relate to!
  • If you are half blind like me you might want to put your glasses on. ( My glasses are pitiful due to the dog eating them one night. ) 
You'll need:
  • Paper towel, ( I get super messy. Probably because of my half eaten glasses. )
  • Exacto tool or a sharp kitchen knife…( Don’t run with pointy objects )
  • Or whatever you can find around the house to sculpt with. (Please don’t use your cat.)
She also suggests placing the sculpt in a 200 degree oven to speed up drying.   I'd hesitate to recommend that.   Styrofoam could give off some toxic fumes when heated.    Even if the foam ball is wrapped in clay, it still doesn't seem like a great idea to me.

What does sound like a great idea is to make some miniature pumpkins from Paperclay using the designs shared last week in Pumpkin Carving Lesson and Pumpkin Carving Part 2 along with the ideas shared in the tutorial above!

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