Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Meet a New Clay: LaDoll Cloth Clay

Cloth Clay  appears to be a new formula for LaDoll clay (which is distributed in USA by Activa).  Cloth Clay sounds similar to fabric stiffener or Paverpol because it can be used to drape fabric...but it's not exactly the same.  It is a liquid clay (packaged in a 600 gram jar).

Cloth Clay is an air-dry clay sure to inspire some new styles of doll crafting.  It can be used in a manner similar to the clay-over-cloth technique currently used by many soft doll crafters or used to drape fabric on a sculpted clay figure (see below)...or it can be used like a clay slip, to fill small holes or cracks on finished surface of a sculpted figure.  

For a smooth surface:
After modeling with LaDoll, Formofit, Premier or Premix, the artist will rub the surface to create a smooth finish. However, often there are tiny holes or cracks left on the surface  Apply
Cloth Clay with a flat brush  and allow to dry.  When dry, sand with a sanding pad (first Fine and then Extra Fine) in order to obtain a perfectly smooth, satin-like surface.

Instructions for use with cloth:

  1. Create a doll's body, head and limbs (with a wire armature, if desired). Model figure using LaDoll or your favorite clay.
  2. Cut out lace or fabric the desired pattern for the dress. Sew the parts together as necessary.
  3. Pour the required amount of Cloth Clay in a bowl. The amount depends on the amount of cloth.
  4. Soak the fabric thoroughly with Cloth Clay. After the fabric is thoroughly saturated with the clay, lightly squeeze (do NOT twist) the excess clay back into the bowl. Twisting the fabric will result in an uneven finish. You want enough Cloth Clay in the fabric but you don't need it "dripping wet".
  5. Return the remaining Cloth Clay to the original container and tightly seal. You may wish to place a piece of plastic wrap over the top of the container before tightening the top. You want to keep as much air out of the clay as possible.
  6. Spread out the squeezed cloth, separating the folds, etc., and place it on the doll's body. Remove any threads you might have used for gathering if necessary and cut all thread tails. Let air dry completely once you have the fabric placed as you would like.
  7. If desired, paint your creation with any water-based medium that you wish.
  8. Apply a finish coat with a clear water-based lacquer or sealant.
Let us know if you've tried this product and how you made use of it!


  1. This one sounds very interesting! Do you have a finished item with this technique? Would be wonderful to picture it. Thanks!

  2. Activa Products also offers Premier Clay it has the density of Hearty Clay but dries stronger than LaDoll. Let me know if you would like to test it out.

  3. Dear anonymous...I'm definitely interested in testing out all air-dry clays...but how do I contact you?

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  5. To Karla, Sorry, I have no photos to share...not yet anyway! I definitely want to try this product though. ;-)

  6. Where can I purchase Cloth Clay??

  7. Great product, definitely will give a try. I saw this online and thought what is this? Thanks!

  8. Does anyone know if the Activa Products Premier Clay is the same product as LaDoll Premiere Paper-Clay? Thanks!

    1. There is NO LaDoll PaperClay. LaDoll air day clay is a stone-based clay...original, Premiere and Premix. Creative Paperclay is an air dry clay but an entirely different product than LaDoll.

  9. I am so sorry. I asked the above question about LaDoll Premiere air dry clay wrong. I said paper-clay by mistake. I will start again. I bought a package named Premier/Premiere De primera calidad - Light Weight Stone Clay 10.58 oz. at Michael's yesterday in order to start practicing and getting used to the feel of it. It is in the red and white package and has the two blue balls on the front of it like LaDoll does. It says made in Japan by Padico, distributed by Activa Products, Inc. on the back of it. It is exactly the same as all the pictures of LaDoll Premiere that I see online, but it doesn't say LaDoll on the front. I just want to be sure it is LaDoll even though it doesn't say it on the front. Thanks again.

    1. Now I understand the question! ;-)
      Look at our menu for 'ADC Brands' page for photos of packaging.
      It sounds like you are describing the Premier package. It should say "LaDoll" in small letters in upper left corner. LaDoll clays are made by Padico, so I think you have the right stuff. Did you realize that "Premier" is the stiffest version of LaDoll and may be a little harder to work with?

    2. Thanks so much for your answer! The ADC Brands' page said that the LaDoll Premiere is the doll artist's choice. That is why I choose it. I am far from being a doll artist, but am planning to try to make a ball-jointed doll out of air-dry clay. Maybe I should be considering the LaDoll Premix since it is a mixture of their most pliant and their stiffer versions of clay. Maybe I should just use the original LaDoll. It is very confusing. I have read and studied so many articles, websites, and tutorials that I feel like I just have to get started. Thanks for your help.

    3. Good luck with your project! One of these days I'd like to make an authentic BJD myself...but haven't tried yet! I do know that many doll artists use the different LaDoll formulas at the same time. Make fingers, noses and delicate parts with Premier and maybe original LaDoll or Premix for other parts. You won't know which you prefer until you try it! Have fun!

  10. OK so I bought this clay and I can't wait to see what I can create. I will definitely come back with pictures to see if I did good. Thanks padico.


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