Saturday, January 8, 2011

Build Your Own Armature Stage and Armature Jig

Finished Stand with Armature
Chuck Needham has prepared a step-by-step tutorial for creating your own "2-bit Sculpting Stage".  It's a lazy-susan style armature stand made of wood and easy-to-find supplies.   Suggested dimensions are for a 1/6 scale figure and can be adjusted based on your own favorite scale.   

Instructions are also given for creating an armature jig in various scales along with instructions for making an body armature using the jig.
Armature jig and partial armature
I came across this tutorial at a Spanish-speaking forum, however the tutorial and downloads are in English.  Go here for tutorial:
The same tutorial is not currently available on the writer's website (Chuck Needham, 2 Bit Studio)

On the same page, following Chuck's tutorial, are instructions for making an armature using an image reference.

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  1. The link goes to a site that has been in 'Maintenance' for the 3 months I have been checking. Any chance you have the tutorial saved (or the images) that you could share? Been trying to find a good armature jig pattern for a while now.


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