Thursday, January 13, 2011

How to Sculpt a Fairy Head

Great photo tutorial from the late* Hannie Sarris showing us, step by step, how to sculpt a fairy head.   Hannie used LaDoll for this tutorial but says this sculpting technique is suitable for other air dry clay.

The basis for the head is a special type of styrofoam, also used for coffee cups.   She inserts a small dowel or stick completely thru the foam and coming out the top of the head.  This just makes things easier to handle while sculpting.  The hole in the head can always be patched later or covered with hair.

Example of completed fairy below:

Psyche by Hannie Sarris

*Hannie Sarris passed away suddenly and too soon due to complications from pneumonia on May 2, 2010   In Memorium

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