Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Create fancy miniature doughnuts with air-dry clay

In this video demo,  Cheily of Petit de Cherries shows us how to make fancy 'twisted' MINIATURE doughnuts with air-dry clay.   I could not find where she says exactly which brand of clay she uses but she refers to it as 'resin clay'.  I've heard that all commercial air dry clays are referred to as 'resin clay' in Japan.   Someone please correct me if I'm wrong!

For tinting and frosting the doughnuts, she appears to be painting with craft acrylics.    A "dry brush" technique is being used for the golden brown of the unfrosted doughnuts.   'Dry brush' means you load a small amount of paint onto your brush and then wipe brush on a paper towel (or something similar) until brush is almost dry.   Use a very light touch when applying to doughnut.   The dry brush technique is very similar to the method you'd use to apply powdered blush.   Tap off a little and then lightly apply.

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