Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Tutorial Tuesday

Gosh, I can't believe how fast a week can go by sometimes!  It's Tuesday again and, just in case you missed one, it's time to review the new tutorials posted this past week at my Air-Dry Clay Tutorial Directory.  First up we have instructions for creating a life-like Heron using gourds and paperclay.   Some amazing sculptures can be created with these 2 simple materials and Phyllis Sickles shows us how.

It's been a busy week taking care of some housekeeping issues at our Air-Dry-Clay Yahoo Group so there's only one other new tutorial to show you.   This is a great demonstration for modeling a cute head with cold porcelain.   This is the basic "blank" face which is used as a starting point for many other cold porcelain doll projects and we have a video demo from Christina Albuquerque modeling a simple face with an easy 'button' nose and painted-on eyes. 

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