Friday, July 13, 2012

School Grade and Artist Grade No-Bake Clays

Self-hardening, no-bake, air-dry clays have been around a long time, but these were mostly 'school quality' clays intended for children and not suitable for detailed sculpting or fine art. In recent years, many "new" clays have become available and that's what this blog is all about...the "new" clays!    Due to the rising popularity of air-dry clays, now we have clays that are a much finer quality and are suitable for fine art.  However, the quality and characteristics vary greatly from brand to brand and the artist must do their own research before buying.

Which brand is best for you depends a lot on what you want to make with it.  For example, don't buy anything marketed as "school grade" if you really want a lightweight, finely textured clay that hardens to a smooth finish.  But if you're making mini-bricks for a dollhouse, "school-grade" would work just fine and would be the economical choice.  Read our "About Air Dry Clay" page for a description of the difference between air-dry clays and polymer clays and also the difference between the different types of no-bake clays: paper-based, resin based, stone-based, etc.

I've also updated our "ADC Brands" page. There's hundreds of different air-dry clays and it's not possible to list every single brand so I've listed the most popular.  I'll be adding more information as we go along and as new products come out.    Please leave a comment if there's a particular brand you're wondering about (or that you sell) and it needs to be added to the list.

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