Thursday, August 16, 2012

Doll Shoe Week: High Heel Strappy Pumps

Another shoe idea from By Tarja Simpanen at Fashion Doll Shoes.  In this tutorial she demonstrates making a high heel pump with ankle strap using a fabric ribbon.

Notice in the first step, when fitting the sole of shoe to dolls foot, that she is creating a "fake" toe area that  will be left empty for this particular doll.   She adds a leather insert to toe of the shoe to help it keep it's shape but doll's foot doesn't reach into that part of shoe.   You won't have to do that if the shape of your own
doll's foot fits this shoe well!   This is a good tip to remember if  you have to camouflage a poorly shaped foot!

Because there's a large percentage of air-dry clay fans who like to create dolls...human figures and fantasy figures....we're having a "Shoe Week" here at New Clay News and also at Air-Dry-Clay Tutorials. (My apologies for the duplicates if you happen to subscribe to both.).  You can always sculpt any kind of shoe with your favorite clay, but sometimes we like to have a fabric or leather shoe! All tutorials featured this week will be devoted to crafting shoes for dolls of all sizes and shapes, removable and non-removable. Find more shoe tutorials by clicking on "dolls-shoe" in the Keyword Labels.  Here's a couple that were featured earlier this week:

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  1. I like the high heels on ,my wife always buy heels on it.It’s so fashion and beautiful.


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