Saturday, August 25, 2012

Taking Photos of Your Clay Creations

These violets are less than an inch tall and photo was taken with  a lightbox and average camera.

Taking photos of your clay creations and other small items, especially miniatures, can be challenging.  Here's some tips for improving your photos with better lighting and uncluttered backgrounds.   First we have a tutorial from SmallCreations and then, from CandidAnn, a video showing how to make your own lightbox at home.

In the video below, T-shirts are used to diffuse lighting.   If you don't have some nice white T-shirts to spare, other options are white gift wrap tissue, wax paper and similar translucent papers.

Note:   I made a box similar to this a while back and it worked OK...however, I found it so useful I went ahead and purchased a sturdier setup like the one below (on left).   Inexpensive, folds up compact and includes folding lights!



  1. Супер идея!!! Браво! Обязательно воспользуюсь! Спасибо! Затрат минимум, а результат великолепный.


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