Thursday, August 23, 2012

Meet a New Clay: Fimo Air

You're probably familiar with Fimo polymer clay, but did you know Fimo also makes a line of air-dry clays? It's called FimoAir and is available in 5 different formulas.   I haven't yet had the opportunity to try them all but I did  order some FimoAir a while back.  That was before I knew there was a "basic" and a "light" version and I ordered the 'basic'.   What got shipped to me was Efaplast, also made by Fimo.  Efaplast basic and FimoAir basic are one and the same thing in different packaging and with a new name!

Fimo trivia:  Sophie Rehbinder-Kruse, daughter of the well-known doll maker Kaethe Kruse, developed her first modelling clay kit in 1954. She created the brand name FIMOIK by using the first two letters of her nickname ‘Fifi’, the ‘Mo’ from modelling clay and the final letters of ‘mosaic’, one of her favourite techniques.   In 1966, equipped with a new concept, improved recipe and better sounding name, FIMO is successfully launched onto the market.

FimoAir Basic turned out to be a heavy air-dry clay and it's not one of my favorites.   It reminds me a lot of DAS clay.   If you like to do the traditional coil-building methods of the Mexican clays, you might like the terra cotta clay.  Michaels craft stores carry both FimoAir Basic and DAS.  Compare them for yourself.  Both packages are a similar size and weight.   The FimoAir Light, I'm told, is similar to Hearty Clay...a much softer and lighter clay. So far, I haven't found a local supplier for FimoAir Light, so haven't given it a try yet.  It appears to be readily available in Europe and Australia but not USA.

Here we have a brief introduction to FIMOAir:  Basic, Light, Natural, and Microwave.  The majority of information in the product descriptions was obtained from the manufacturer.   User reviews will be posted soon.  If you'd like to share your experience with one of these clays, please contact me or leave some comments!  ;-)


FimoAir Basic
FIMOair basic is a ready-to-use, clay-like water-based modelling material, which simply dries in the air - no need to fire. It is made from 97% natural substances making it ideal for children’s use. After drying, modelled objects can be modified using a file or sandpaper.  Available in 500gr packages of white, terra cotta or flesh.  Also white in 1000 gr package.

Created with FimoAir Light 
FimoAir Light

FIMOair light is a ready-to-use, extremely lightweight water-based modelling clay which dries in the air and can then be easily modified by drilling, glueing, painting and varnishing. The hardened material is particularly light which makes it perfect for objects where weight is an issue, e.g. mobiles, or for model-making. Available in 125 gram blocks of white, yellow, red, blue, green and black. Also white in 250gr and 500gr packages.

Created with pre-colored FimoAir Natural  
FimoAir Natural
FIMOair natural is a ready-to-use, water-based modelling clay which dries in the air and can then be easily modified (drilled, carved, filed, painted).   It is made from 95% natural substances and, thanks to the cellulose fibres contained, the material has a particularly natural appearance. Once hardened, FIMOair natural is very hard and extremely break-resistant, making it ideal for the crafting of dolls and puppets.  Available in 350gr blocks in 9 colors.

Mushrooms and pumpkins created with FimoAir  Microwave
FimoAir Microwave
FIMOair microwave is a ready-to-use, extremely lightweight water-based modelling clay which can be hardened in microwave ovens.  It keeps its shape well and hardly shrinks at all (<5%) when hardened in the microwave.   FIMOair microwave can also be hardened in the air.   Once finished, objects are particularly lightweight and can be modified, painted or varnished.

 FIMOair microwave is recommended for use in schools and kindergartens.  When the craft-making session is over, finished works of art can be taken home and proudly presented to parents straightaway!   Available in 250 gr blocks of white or terra cotta.

FimoAir Papier Mache

There is also FimoAir Papier Mache, which is an air-dry, ready-to-use, water-based modeling material.  Available as a clay powder in 200 gr boxes.....just add water for instant papier mache.  Once art objects have dried in the air, they are wonderfully lightweight yet extremely sturdy at the same time.  Cured objects can be sanded, painted or varnished.  Made from 95 % natural substances.  Highly economical to use.
(Note:  I sometimes use papier mache as a filler clay to fatten up the armature and then add a finish layer of more expensive air-dry clay.)


  1. Thanks for the run down, I use Fimo PC, didn't know they had air dry !

  2. I just stumbled on this clay at JoAnn's today. I was looking for more info about it before I made the leap and picked up a pack. They had the light. thanks for the rundown of info.


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